6:00pm 04-18-2023
this website is such an amazing little corner of the internet its honestly beautiful and i love it to bits...........huge inspiration to start html
10:53pm 04-05-2023
woaaw amazing i am having so much trouble figuring out neocities code eeek...: dead:
7:28pm 03-26-2023
so completely wonderful i am dancing and reading this and i feel like touring this website would be made complete only with a bowl of strawberries and tea. never stop making art i am eating this up. so wonderful so perfect so wonderful. i love it i love it i love the music i love it i want to make stuff like this someday
11:54pm 03-25-2023
new fan
i just spent 2~ hours finally reading through everything on this site after spending months without any context for the wonderful art on your instagram and i am so amazed!!!!!! Your characters are so very fascinating and I cannot wait to see more!!! makes me feel inspired to write stories of my own... This website is very pleasing to look at as well and the music just completes the atmosphere. Keep up the amazing work !!!!
5:18pm 03-07-2023
yoo this stuff is real rad, i found out about it on some fanart and got real invested! hope it all works out and you get a finished project outa this :-)
7:58pm 02-27-2023
I LOVE YOUR WORLDBUILDING SO MUCH. Your characters are so fascinating, and the aesthetic of Crimehouse in particular has a desolate grime to it that I absolutely adore <3
2:50pm 02-27-2023
your art and characters are super lovely and compelling! I love the scrapbook vibe of your website a lot, too. I love checking back to see what's new here. Keep up the good work!!!
4:02pm 02-23-2023
I randomly remember this site exists every once in a while and love going through it
10:28pm 02-05-2023
I adore your site Your art is beautiful and extremely interesting. Definitely some of the best creations I've ever seen. I can't wait to see more from you.
7:20pm 01-22-2023
ive been following you since you first started posting hemsjuk publically on fc and i just gotta say, your art and storytelling mega inspires me, ive always adored it
7:56pm 01-18-2023
i just read through all of your crimehouse info and it is amazing cant wait for your updates
7:22pm 01-09-2023
just wanted to say youre one of my favorite artists and biggest inspirations, ive been following you for a long time and your work never fails to amaze me. Keep up with wonderful job friend ♪ヽ(´▽`)/
10:35pm 01-03-2023
you are my favourite artist
11:13pm 01-02-2023
Your art gives me a deep spiritual ancient feeling that's hard to find, it motivates me to keep researching my own culture more!
7:20pm 12-22-2022
i love All of it it is so cool ..............
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